NICE, a non profit association established by co-founders Henrik Chetan Aspengren and Manu Uniyal aims at being that platform. At our disposal we have an advisory board and a network consisting of people with deep knowledge and vast experience in business, politics and research with reference to India and the Nordics. We all share the firm belief that investing in learning about each others’ culture and creating intellectual capital is as important as investing monetary capital, in developing future Indo Nordic relationship.

At NICE we understand well that in today’s dynamic global climate relationships cannot be static or they get stale. A paradigm shift is visible in the Indo Nordic relations and we at NICE do not just want to be part of this change but want to play an active role in redefining this relationship.                                                    India 

- world’s largest democracy with 2nd highest population (nearly 1/5th of the global population)                 

- 50% below the age of 25 / 65% below 35. Expected average age by 2020, 29years (37 for China, 48 for Japan)               

- 3rd largest economy by 2030. Rapidly growing digital and industrial infrastructure. 

- 300 million plus middle class.                                                      

- India’s geographic location, focus on the wider Indian Ocean region, regional partnership with the US, Japan and overall good global relations makes it a key driver determining the direction of global geopolitics.

Given all of the above there is bound to be an ever increasing interaction between India and the Nordics. Any interaction with India is saturated with possibilities of partnerships to create mutual value and access to potentially huge growing market. Then the key questions that emerge are, how do Indo Nordic stakeholders unravel and understand each others’ cultural complexities and idiosyncrasies in order to have friction-free, fruitful engagements? How can we successfully ready our future generations so they unlock the true potential that Indo Nordic relationship brings? How can we shorten our learning curve and swiftly start with value creation in the Indo Nordic region? With India being at the cusp of a new era of growth, an engagement platform is needed. A platform where all the Indo Nordic stakeholders can exchange ideas, information, knowledge, shape the discourse on our future relations, articulate answers to the above and other such questions and develop solutions to remove real and perceived barriers that discourage a seamless connect between India and the Nordics.