1. To create & cultivate ecosystems with deep regional outreach, that foster and encourage both the intent and capability of the stakeholders interests and objectives whether they maybe political, personal or commercial in nature.

 2. To prepare future Indo Nordic stakeholders by engaging, informing & interacting with them while they are still in education.

 3. To be the seminary hub of intellectual capital and knowledgeable ‘samtalspartner’ (dialogue partner) on Indo-Nordic relations & affairs.


NICE employs following processes to achieve its mission and goals :                              

  1. We design and organise diverse forms of meetings/engagements within which representatives from educational institutions, national or regional political authorities and SMEs meet, exchange views, ideas and set the agenda / direction of future Indo Nordic partnerships & interests.                                                    2. We carry out studies, tailored panel surveys, opinion polls, seminars, workshops, debates and use all other mechanisms at our disposal to educate and inform the stakeholders in a conextualised, fact based yet in an interesting and entertaining way.                                                                    

  3. Raise awareness, inform and engage with the stakeholders through our media partners India Talks.