India Talks

A fortnightly topical discussion programme in English/Swedish (with subtitles) focusing on Indo-Swedish geo-political, commercial and other bilateral issues of interests such as climate change, security, sustainability etc. A first of its kind, it will be broadcast on various digital and social media streams like, youtube, podcast etc.

India Talks aims to be the flagship media programme that will lay the foundations of a new era of communication between the Swedes, The Nordic people and the Indians & India Diaspora. We aim to supplement the traditional Nordic media and establish a direct channel of communication with the Nordic people to whom we can not only present our view point but also give them a platform to present their views. Once we are able to ‘communicate’ clearly, we will be able to ‘connect’ without prejudice. And it is from this unprejudiced connectivity, together we will create value across all sectors.

Our guests would include people from different walks of life but with one common focus that all want to contribute to Indo Nordic relationship and growth.